Personalized Learning

Cater to the needs of every individual by prescribing courses and content that are relevant to each unique learner. With anytime access and beautiful mobile optimization, educators have ultimate flexibility to embrace around-the-clock learning.


Find content that's right for you

Search hundreds of courses built by other educators based on your classroom needs.


No need to rush

Take courses at your own pace. Kyte tracks all time spent learning and brings you right back where you left off. 


Save it for later

Find a course you like but don’t have time right now? Bookmark it and come back later on.

User Management


Import users in a variety of convenient ways. Send custom welcome messages and make logging in easy with popular SSO options.

Bulk user upload

Assign user permissions

Single Sign On options


Designate user roles and permissions from the get go with simple import rules and enable messaging for group collaboration.

Create custom groups

Add group leaders

Track group progress


Assign content to both groups and individuals based on need and require evidence-based submissions for specific dates. 

Create group assignments

Request evidence submissions

Assign due dates

Custom Course Builder

Make Kyte Learning the central hub for all your online professional learning. The Course Manager allows you to create custom courses that are private to your school or district. Create a brand new course from scratch or import content from Kyte’s pre-built video library.


Drag & drop

Create a course in minutes with simple drag and drop tools. Easily upload videos, text, images, and create tasks in just a few clicks.


Custom quizzes

Test the knowledge of your staff by creating your own quiz questions to go along with your custom course material.


Distribute & track

Use Kyte’s simple management tools to assign credit hours, distribute course content, and track course progress.

Badging & Certification

No learning goes unnoticed with Kyte’s built-in badging  and certification system. Learners earn digital badges and accompanying certificates for successful course completion. For district-specific courses, build a custom badge or upload badges you already use with ease.

LTI Integration

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