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Learn Anywhere

If you have access to the internet, you have access to Kyte and hundreds of hours of content on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet.


350+ Online Courses

Kyte contracts with educators around the world to create high-quality courses on the tools and resources used in classrooms every day.


Verified by ISTE

Each Kyte Learning course goes through ISTE’s Seal of Alignment program to ensure quality content and standards alignment.

Organization Discussions

Built-in messaging functionality allows for easy collaboration amongst individuals and/or groups of staff members. 

Course Builder

Easily build and distribute custom courses that are private to your school or district. Start from scratch or pull in any of Kyte’s pre-built content. 

Micro Learning

Our bite-sized video tutorials make large courses easy to consume and allow learners to quickly find the content they are looking for.

Teacher Choice Training


Find content quickly using Kyte’s Course Collections. Use filters and search tags to jump right into learning and bookmark your interests along the way.


Start and stop courses at your own pace. Kyte remembers where you left off and lets you resume with a click. Course quizzes ensure concepts are sinking in.


Measure success with Kyte Tasks. These evidence-based submissions give learners an opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills to administrators. 

Our ever growing course library

With over 350+ courses built by teachers utilizing blah blah blah


80+ courses


8+ Courses

Classroom Management

20+ Courses

Learning Mangement Systems

15+ Courses

Assessment tools

60+ Courses


50+ Courses


70+ Courses

Digital Citizenship

5+ Courses

Presentation Tools

80+ Courses

Collaboration Tools

40+ Courses

What educators are saying

I find Kyte’s courses to be extremley relevant and helpful. It’s apparent that the course authors are classroom teachers who understand the nuances of using technology tools in the classroom.

Brenda Staley

EdTech Instructional Coach

Kyte’s platform is very easy to navigate and cuts out a lot of the clutter I am used to seeing in other apps. By far the best way to earn DLC credit here in NC

Arnold Smith

5th Grade Teacher

Have an idea for a course?

We are always looking for amazing educators who have a knack for explaining how they use tech in the classroom. We would love to hear your ideas and collaborate on a new course!