USD 431-Hoisington High School-Kansas Case Study

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Case Studies

Kyte Learning has been a blessing for USD 431!


I initially found out about Kyte Learning at ISTE 2016. I was just walking through the Exhibition Hall and was stopped by one of the sales representatives. After talking with the sales rep, I was excited to start Kyte Learning and was able to get a two-week trial. After watching the videos, I was hooked. This was exactly what USD431 needed! I went to my superintendent and convinced him to purchase Kyte Learning for a year.

We are a Google School so we wanted all of our teachers to know how to use Google Calendar and Google Docs. First semester of the 2016-2017 school year, each teacher was required to watch the videos on Google Calendar and Google Docs. Second semester, teachers were able to choose what videos that they wanted to watch in order to enhance their learning and teaching skills. Teachers were required to watch the two Google videos, but could also watch any others they wanted to as well.

During that second semester of the 2016-2017 school year, our Integration Technology Specialist heard about Google Keep. She went to Kyte Learning to see if they had a course over Google Keep. Sure enough they did! After hearing her excitement, others wanted to know more and watched the videos as well. They too started using Google Keep. For the 2017-2018 school year, we are using Google Keep in several different ways. Our Technology Director uses it to keep track of what technology issues/problems need to be taken care of in each building. One of our elementary schools uses it to keep track of standards not mastered by students. Our Senior English teacher has her students use Google Keep for notecards.

Our district has just started using Moby Max for the current school year. Teachers were not sure what it was and how to use it, so again we turned to Kyte Learning. Kyte Learning did not let us down. There was a course on Moby Max, so our teachers watched the videos in order to learn more about Moby Max.

What is so nice about Kyte Learning, is that you can watch the videos at your convenience! Whether you are a first-year teacher or a veteran teacher, the videos are straight to the point and allow you to watch some of the videos or all of the videos at one time. This convenience allows teachers to be in the classroom more instead of traveling to a workshop.

Our district has found value in the courses in Kyte Learning, we offer professional development points for each course. Teachers watch the videos for a course and can al take the quiz over the course. They also have to write a short overview of how the video will be used in their teachings.

Overall Kyte Learning has been a win-win situation for our school district.